Remembering Master Teaching the Fa in Changchun and Dalian

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | May 13, 2007

[] Whenever I
recall Master's teaching the Fa in Changchun, Dalian, Haerbin, and
Yanji, I am so appreciative that I weep and will never forget Master's
compassion and effort. In order to express our respect and celebrate
Master's birthday, I want to write about my experiences during the
months of April and May in 1994.

On May 8, 1994, my daughter and I were fortunate enough to attend
Master's class in Changchun.  On the evening of April 28, we
arrived in Changchun and registered in a hotel. While registering, I
met a woman in her fifties from Beijing. I asked her curiously, "You
people from Beijing, why don't you take the class in Beijing?" She
immediately answered, "I had eight different kinds of illnesses, and
seven of them were cured during the seven classes I attended in
Beijing.  I have only one illness left, so I came to Changchun."
(Of course, this is a new practitioner who does not understand the
principles of the Fa.  Master has already cleansed the bodies of
all real disciples, and cultivators have no illness.)

There were more than three thousand registrants in the class, even
though the Mingfang Palace was big but it could not accommodate all of
us.  Master taught the class twice every day. It was a great
effort for Master to do that, but his face always radiated kindness,
compassion, and spirit of youth.

That was my first time to attend the class. I found Master very
amicable and approachable, and he bore the manner of a cultivator.
During the class, I saw that divine beings were beside and behind
Master listening to the lecture. On the third day, I saw multicolored
light rings and felt very energetic. Now I can see Master's kind face
and loud and clear voice as if it just happened yesterday.

While giving the lecture, Master had only a small piece of paper with a
few words on it, but Master's lecture lasted two to three hours. 
Master could talk continuously and in a lively way about anything: from
astronomy to geology, from the ancient to the present time, from the
Eastern to the Western world, and from simple to sophisticated matters.
Everything was simple and easy to understand. We all were so relaxed
and comfortable that we assimilated into the harmonious energy field
and the principles of universe: truthfulness, compassion, and
forbearance. Master's teachings enabled us to understand how to be a
good person and an extraordinary human being. My xinxing elevated higher and higher. Remembering those scenes, I am so moved that I have tears in my eyes and endless joy in my heart.

During the class, I was thinking how to spread Dafa later.  I
asked Master for approval. Master agreed and also gave me
instructions.  Thus, our local group continued to grow, from
hundreds to about a thousand people.

Master was very considerate toward us. On May 1, Master took a group
picture with us. I was standing on the left side of Master and his
daughter was right next to him. Master kept moving around, from one
group to another, until every group had its picture with Master. 
My heart was aching because Master had to work so hard to accommodate
us. However, Master was always smiling, and everyone was so moved that
the rounds of applause came up often. It truly is a scene of Buddha
lights illuminating everywhere!

Before the class was over, Master personally signed our certificates and stamped his seal on them.

My two younger sisters, my niece, my daughter, and I also attended the
Dalian Class on July 1-8, 1994.  My niece lost her purse during
the class, but she got it back the next day. Nothing could get lost in
a class like that. On July 8, during the closing ceremony, my daughter
and niece presented Master with a silk banner and it said, "Firmly
cultivate Dafa under Master's guidance and spread Dafa all over the
world". Master received many banners and shook hands with everyone
cordially. Tears welled up my eyes and I heard warm applause
everywhere. On the train back home, I fell asleep. When I suddenly woke
up, I was surprised to see a field of dazzling light. My sister said
that Master was also on the same train back to Beijing. The dazzling
light was Master's gong and energy and his mighty virtue and miraculous
power which have encouraged me all the time.

On August 5, 1994, it was a great day for our entire family. My
husband, my sister, daughter-in-law and grandson, my daughter and her
child all attended the class. There were 4,000 people in that class and
filled the entire hockey game auditorium. On August 20, my oldest
daughter and I attended the class in Dalian. Now I am recalling it and
feel endless joy.

After July 20, 1999, when the evil Party started to slander our Master,
rumors and lies confused all the people in the world. It said that our
Master amassed a fortune when the fee for our class was the lowest in
the nation: 40 yuan for ten days of class. Furthermore, our Master did
not handle money directly, and the local qigong association took care
of that. Master donated 7,000 yuan from teaching the class in Yunji to
the Red Cross. Master offered salvation to people, not for fame or
personal interest.  It really is enormous Buddha graciousness!

On September 23, forty other practitioners and I attended a huge public
lecture. There were about 6,000 thousand people in Dalian Stadium. The
minute Master walked in, everyone rose and gave thunderous applause.
The welcome was overwhelming and hard to describe.  After three
hours of lecture, Master adjusted our bodies for us. Master told us to
think of our own illness or our relative's. We followed Master's words
and, with one wave of his hand, we stamped our feet. Most of us felt
very light, comfortable, and illness-free after that. The applause
exploded for a long time and everyone was submerged in the boundless

It has been fourteen years since that lecture. When I recall the
Master's classes in Changchun and Dalian, scene after scene is still so
vivid in front of my eyes. Even under the hardships and trials from the
persecution, many of us still harbor various human notions and
attachments. Sometimes we are not diligent enough and cannot live up to
Master's compassion and efforts in offering us salvation. I want to do
the three things well, correct my mistakes, and not let Master down. I
want to follow Master closely and walk on the best and the most
righteous path.

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