Li Zijian

PureInsight | May 23, 2007

[] My wife and I
own a company, and we have a few employees. One of them recently got
married. Before she got married, she quit and told us that she and her
future husband intended to own a company just like ours. They lived
near by, so their new home became the site of their new company.

We sent gifts for their wedding.  Since it is the same kind of
business, there will be competition between our company and
theirs.  My sister felt that the whole thing was very unfair and
often complained to our customers, "My brother and sister-in-law were
so nice to them, now they tried to take our business away. I am really
upset about it."

My wife said to my sister, "We should go over and see how they are doing. Perhaps, we can give them some help."

"You still want to go and see them? Are you crazy?" My sister was unhappy.

"We need to be broadminded. If other people want to own a company, let them.  We are still friends!" My wife said gently.

"You Dafa practitioners are something else. Friends, friends, and everyone is your friend."  My sister could not see it.

My wife smiled.  She knew that even though my sister seemed to be
angry, but in her heart she admired us for being tolerant and kind.

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