The Everlasting Validation (2)

A Dafa Practitioner in Beijing

PureInsight | May 23, 2007

Buddha-Light Illuminating Everywhere

I heard many people talk about Master's light circles but I could not
see them.  I only felt that there was something dazzling to my
eyes when Master was doing the hand signs. When I attended a symposium
for translators in 1997, I truly experienced extraordinary scenes. We
gathered in a Dafa practitioner's big living room, about 30 people. The
minute Master walked in, I felt dazzling lights in all different
directions.  Master was well-built and sat there smiling and
certainly looked like a big Buddha. The whole living room was filled
with splendid lights. But I was very slow in understanding and thought
that was the lighting in the living room. Later when I talked to other
people, I realized that was only my feelings. Now I recall the living
room with glorious lights and know that people who bathe in such
Buddha-light are the happiest people on earth. That's why everyone
feels especially comfortable in any Dafa field because of the presence
of the Buddha-light.

Cultivation Depends on Yourself and Gong Energy depends on Your Master

The miracles were everywhere during the period of Master's teaching the
Fa. Many occurrences that you think would be unlikely or impossible,
but if you follow Master's requests, then it will be a different story.
Master said in Zhuan Falun, "You can only have such a wish and think about it like that, but it is the master who actually does these things."  

I will give you a few examples:

1. Getting rid of illnesses, stories like that are too numerous to
tell. Our whole family had no more illnesses after practicing. The
mysterious thing is that when Master tried to eliminate our karma, it
did not cause any inconvenience. Either we had our karma releasing in
the morning, the evening, or weekends.  It happened to our
children that they had high fever. When the morning came or Monday, the
fever would abate quite a bit and, if they went to school, everything
would be fine. The same for our digestive and excretory systems. We
vomited or had diarrhea in the morning. After we went to work, we would
be fine. But when we got home, the whole thing would start all over
immediately.  It is really miraculous.  

2. When I decided to attend classs outside of Beijing, asking for
vacation to attend the class suddenly became a concern. Once I made up
my mind, I asked for vacation days and a miracle happened. My boss did
not even ask me for a reason and approved it.  When I went to
Tianjin and Guangzhou, I had no problem getting vacation time. It was
more miraculous when I went to Tianjin because my boss granted me the
days as a business trip and I ran errands at the same time. My daughter
had a high fever the day we went to Guangzhou, but her fever subsided
as soon as we got on the train. After we came back from attending the
class, the teacher gave my daughter a lot of home work for the final
exam. Normally my daughter could not sit still for very long, but this
time it took her two days over the Chinese New Year to get everything
completed. She got 98 points and it was her best score ever.  Her
teacher could not say anything. When my story of getting vacation
approved got around to other practitioners, it turned out that everyone
had a similar story. We were not anything special.  We realized
that it was Master who was helping all of us.

3. The most mysterious was going to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa.
I did not want it to interfere with my work, so I decided to go on
weekends and came back to work on Monday. I did not understand that it
was the arrangement of the old forces then. I was detained for one day
and came back on Sunday night. And I went back to work on Monday. I
prepared supper for our child before I left.  My husband was out
of town on a business trip. When my daughter came home that day, she
found that I forgot to turn the stove off and the pot was burned out of
shape. The smoke was all over the house. How mysterious and how
frightening, if not for Master's protection, I could not imagine what
would happen. My husband went to Tiannanmen and wanted to come home
that night and sure enough that he was home that night.

4. I was illegally detained in the detention center in 2000. Once the
evil doers wanted to ransack our home, I thought about all those books
in the cabinet and I asked Master to conceal them for me.  After I
returned home, my husband said that they did not find the books even
though they put their hands into the cabinet and searched for them.
There were four lectures I left on the table, and they did not see them
either.  The only thing they took was some of my recording tapes
which I forgot to ask Master to protect.

5. One time I went out to spread Dafa and talked to a fellow
practitioner. I went home and forgot my bicycle. The following day, I
did not find the bicycle where I put it but in the middle of the road
instead. Similar stories happened to other practitioners too. 
When I left home to avoid being persecuted, more mysterious events
occurred. And every time, Master took care of me and I was not in any
danger. I felt as if I were walking on the path of the godhood, so
mysterious, so miraculous, totally unfathomable, and yet so real. If I
had not experienced it myself, I would not have believed it.  This
is what Master said, "Believing comes before seeing."

Master Did Not Take my Money

In 1999, the evil Party tried to defame Master and claim that our
Master had amassed a fortune, so it fooled many people who did not know
the truth. However, practitioners know that the opposite was true. I am
going to point out a few things here.

In the Guangzhou Class, we all knew that Master always ate instant
noodles when teaching the class in different cities. We tried to treat
Master to a nice meal, but Master would only eat the dish right in
front of him and ate very little. Master would not even look at the
other dishes. In 1995, we heard that Master was about to leave China
and go to another country to spread the Fa. I thought that it would
take a lot of money to go outside of China, and we gave what we had at
home to the director of the instruction center.  Since the money
was not doing anything sitting at our home, we wanted to give it away
and do some good. After a few days, our money was returned, and Master
insisted that he had other resources.  Later, many practitioners
wanted to donate money, but Master declined the offer.  Master
talked about the money issue in the class many times that he would not
take money from individuals or small business. The instruction centers
are also not allowed to keep money, and that is the rule.

During those years, when practitioners bought books for others, it was
always the same retail price and not a penny more.  When others
started pirating the books, we had to sell for less.  If there was a
loss, then the practitioner had to shoulder the loss.  If
practitioners had financial problems, the volunteer director would
help.  Sometimes, ordinary people would buy books from us, and we
gave them some money back because we only charged what we paid for
them.  Many people failed to understand, and we told them that our
Master would not let us take a penny more than what we paid. 
Every one admired our Master for that.

When we attended the class, some veteran practitioner paid only half
price. If they did not know and paid full price, they got their money
back.  Master even used his own money from the publisher to make
video tapes.

Master's Donation to the Foundation

Master had limited financial resource, and yet he made a donation to
the "Behaving Righteously Foundation."  Everyone was very touched
by that. We all knew that Master lived a thrifty life. When we saw what
Master did, we all made our share of donation to that foundation.

At that time, I thought about why Master donated money to that
foundation. Did behaving righteous mean giving up ourselves for others?
Now I realized that it meant to discern one's life, death, and
everything else, including misunderstanding from others and to continue
to clarify the truth and save others. Those kinds of behavior are not
something that ordinary people can do. Isn't that the best way to
validate behaving righteously?

Master's Concerns for his Disciples

When we are trapped in the ordinary society, we adopt the same logic to
analyze our problems and fail to understand whether what we do is right
or wrong on the path of our cultivation. Our great Master is by our
side and watches us in every moment like a father, and he used people
around us to give us hints. When we do the right thing, Master
encourages us. When we make a mistake, Master reminds us. When we
stumble, Master helps us to get back up. Even if we commit a capital
crime, Master would still not abandon us. Step by step, Master has
guided us to the present day.

Right after I started practicing, I took my child to the zoo. I noticed
somewhere there was a public qigong lecture and I wanted to go. I was
quite stubborn and would not listen to my husband. Within a few minutes
after we entered, my child started to fuss. She was from bad to worse
and finally dragged me out of that place. Later on I understood that it
was Master using my child to rescue me, the foolish new practitioner,
or I would have gone astray.

Many years ago, I had a dream.  It is so vivid that I still think
that it was real.  I dreamed about that I was in a huge palace
with a red pavilion and many beautiful long halls. I was doing the
exercises with other practitioners. Later came a man who wanted to
teach us some kind of qigong, and his movements were very graceful.
Some of us followed him to the yard and learned what he taught.  I
realized that was not our exercises and turned around. I saw Master
walking fast toward me from the yard and said to me with a smile,
"Cultivate your xinxing." Master was dressed in western style, nice and
neat, and had a rosy complexion and looked very energetic.  Those
three words were very loud and clear to me. After I woke up, I felt
that the voice had penetrated into my body.  I don't know how many
dreams I forgot in the past few years, but not this one. I believe that
it was not only an encouragement at that time but also to continue to
motivate me all these years.

There were many occasions in the past 15 years, at the detention
center, petitioning in Beijing, and during truth clarifying, and often
people asked me "Have you ever met Master Li?" My answer was "yes," and
I continued to tell my personal experiences. No matter who they were,
my boss, co-workers, relatives, friends, 610 officials, police,
inmates, and many others, they all believed my words.

I have been very lucky and have something that I am really proud
of.  "I have met Master" and just these few words are enough to
send those lies and propaganda away! Since I have met our compassionate
Master, my notions, my life, and my whole world have changed. Having
obtained the Buddha Fa is the most wonderful thing and the most
important turning point in my life. Dafa has assimilated into my every
cell and become my whole life.

What I have written is only a tiny bit of my memory. When I was writing
this article, I felt that I was immersed in Master's mercy, so moving,
so beautiful, and so compassionate. Dafa disciples are fulfilling their
historic vows with their bodies and godly thoughts and creating
something that is the most glorious in the history of mankind. I am so
honored to be one of them.  We are the best validation of Dafa!

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