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A Dafa Practitioner in Ireland

PureInsight | August 8, 2007

[] A few days
ago, there was a quitting the party parade in London and Edinburgh. I
am a member of the European Paradise Orchestra and was very fortunate
to have an opportunity to participate in the parades. On my way back
home, I was in the airport waiting for the flight. Due to my attachment
of taking pictures, I missed my flight. I sent righteous thoughts and
asked Master to help me to eliminate the interference of my financial
situation from the old forces. I was able to alter my flight without
extra charges and got on a flight two hours later.  My righteous
thoughts helped me to avoid financial losses.

While I was getting my ticket, I met two Chinese students from
China.  I immediately realized that they were the predestined
people whom Master arranged for me to meet and they wanted to hear the
truth. One of the practitioners was talking to them about quitting the
party and I was sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the
interference. Later the young man said calmly, "Your Falun Gong is
going very well," and took our truth-clarifying materials. If I had not
missed my flight, how would I have had the opportunity to clarify the
truth about quitting the party?  Really, everything has been
arranged just like what Master told us.

When I was waiting to get on the bus in Northern Ireland, the line was
30 feet long. In addition, one of the scheduled runs was cancelled and
that caused many passengers to endure a three-hour wait. Many people
were anxious to get home so they complained.  While we were
sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference, we saw three
Chinese.  We cooperated with each other: she clarified the truth
and I sent righteous thoughts. After over 30 minutes of SFRT, I could
feel my righteous thoughts continuously radiating out and I was
surrounded by the energy.  Later the practitioner told me that all
three of them quit the party. The younger boy said that his relatives
had been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. This younger boy
also persuaded the other two young girls to quit the associated
organizations. My fellow practitioner also told me that she could sense
the strong righteous thoughts coming towards her while she was
clarifying the truth. I had just witnessed how Dafa disciples
coordinate with each other and clarify the truth. Righteous thoughts
are truly magnificent!

After we clarified the truth to the Chinese, they left. Northern
Ireland is quite unique in that it has no Dafa practitioners. Even
though we had driven there before to spread the Fa, the people who know
the truth are really quite limited in number. We sent righteous
thoughts to eliminate the interference for about an hour and my body
felt light and energetic. I appreciate Master's compassion that enables
me to experience the magnificence of Dafa! Then the practitioners came
back from purchasing our supper and said that Master had arranged
another predestined person to hear the truth and quit the league.

I thought about Master's compassion and his words in the "Fa Teaching
at the U.S. Capital," "Aside from what you as individuals need to go
through and establish on your final road to Consummation, what is most
important for you and most significant right now is to save people."
Yes. Master has made it so clear for us to save people. What I have
seen today are the power of righteous thoughts and my own deficiency. I
have used working with media as an excuse and rarely clarified the
truth face to face.  As a result, I had no courage to clarify the
truth today but sent righteous thoughts only. How I can shoulder the
responsibility to save sentient beings if I cannot clarify the truth to
them?  I must catch up and do well in clarifying the truth so that
I would not have any regrets later.

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