How I help People Quit the Communist Party

By Mrs. Zhou

PureInsight | August 6, 2007

[] In 2005, when
"We Are Not Getting Political" was published, Master told us clearly in
his new jingwen, "And so, to have the world's people be aware of that
vile party's nature and why it has persecuted Dafa disciples, it has
become necessary for people to learn about the Nine Commentaries."

We discussed this repeatedly in our study group and realized that
spreading the Nine Commentaries and persuading people to quit the
Communist Party had become the important things to do when clarifying
the truth. After that, our study group consistently studied the Fa
regardless of any unfavorable conditions. We met the requirement as
Master requested in " Rationality": "Validate the Fa with rationality,
clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with

The Director of a Security Bureau

A man has just retired from being the director of the Security Bureau.
After he had cerebral thrombosis, he needed to walk with a cane and his
eyes were distorted, his mouth was crooked and he drooled constantly.
He could not function without assistance.  I talked to him three
times and asked him to quit the Communist Party. When I started to
clarify the truth, he asked me, "Do you know who I am?"

"No matter who you are, I should clarify the truth to you", I said.

"I am the director of the Security Bureau and I have just retired."

"That's even better. The Security Bureau has done a lot of bad deeds and needs to know the truth even more."

"Aren't you afraid of being arrested?"

"Why do you want me being arrested?  I am doing it for your own good. I don't think that you would do a thing like that."

He said, "You are really strange. When other people hear that I am a
director of a security bureau, they run away really fast. Why do you
still want to talk to me?"

I continued to clarify the truth to him and, after three times, he quit the Communist Party, the League, and the Group.

One week after he quit the party and its affiliated organizations,
miracles happened. His eyes and mouth regained their normal shapes, the
saliva stopped dripping, he could walk without a cane, and he took care
of himself without assistance. He told everyone that Dafa disciples are
real Buddhas.  He told me that he was well. I said to him, "You
have been saved!"  Because he was a director of a security bureau,
everyone knows him.  Many people asked him, "Your condition was
quite serious. How did you regain your health?"  He said, "My
secret is to recite 'Falun Dafa is good and truthfulness, compassion,
and forbearance is good' in my heart. In addition, I quit the Communist

The Mother of the Director of a 610 Office

Once when we clarified the truth in a hospital, we saw an elderly
patient with cancer of the pancreas who was very miserable. After I
clarified the truth to her and learned that she was a member of the
Communist Party. I told her, "You must quit the party and it will do
you good."

She said, "What good would that do? I am almost seventy years old and I
have terminal cancer. I am hopeless and what would quitting do for me?"

I said, "You are wrong. When you quit the party and recite 'Falun Dafa
is good', it will do you good in a different world if it fails to do
you good in this world."

After she heard what I said, she was skeptical and said, "Ok, quit for
me and we'll see." I did.  A month later, I went to see her. Her
cancer had disappeared and she looked as if she had never been
sick.  She went to her son's work unit and said, "You guys tried
to be nice and did this and that for me, but did one of you cure my
illness? A Dafa disciple helped me quit the party and asked me to
recite "Falun Dafa is good" and now I am cured."

Her son anxiously told her, "Please Mom, don't talk about it here, just
leave fast and go home." The old lady said, "No, I must talk here. You
guys should not persecute Dafa disciples again." After I heard that, I
understood that her son was the director of a 610 Office.

After Quitting the Party

A troop commander incurred severe damage to his bones while trying to
rescue his colleague. In the beginning, the military took care of him
and paid for his treatment. Later they stopped doing that and gave him
30 cents a day for medicine. Meanwhile, his wife was forced to retire
early and without a pension. To make the matter worse, his daughter
could not find a job after graduating from a college. The whole family
sank into a hopeless state.

This commander knows my husband.  He came to our house and told my
husband his sad story in tears. I comforted him and asked him what he
planned to do. He said, "I am desperate. What else can I do?"

I told him to recite "Falun Dafa is good" and quit the party. At the
same time, I told him the true nature of the Communist Party and the
fact that since he had vowed to devote his life to it, it can torment
him any way it likes.

I learned that he had not read the "Nine Commentaries" and read it
together with him. After we read the first commentary, he said, "I am
determined to quit the party!" No one knew how happy I was.  I had
clarified the truth to him many times before, but he would not listen
and refused to quit the party. I was so happy and knelt down in front
of Master's portrait and said, "Master, you have saved another life."

Later, all good things happened to the family: his wife's affair was
properly settled and his daughter found a good-paying job. Three of
them wore festival outfits and came to our house. They knelt down and
kowtowed to Master and said,  "Master, you have saved our entire
family. We'll always listen to you!" He said to me, "Please kowtow to
Master for us when you see him." My husband and I were so touched that
we shed tears. It was Master's boundless compassion that has saved so
many good people. Is there anything that we Dafa disciples cannot do?
We must do what Master told us in order not to let our magnificent
Master down.

We Are Only Cultivating and Master Is Doing It

I can tell all of you that everything our group has accomplished was
actually done by Master. When Master brought the predestined people to
us, we used our mouths to clarify the truth and our hands to helped
them quit the party on the website.  

After Master's poem, "The Red Tide's Wane," was published, there was a
tidal wave of quitting the Communist Party.  Our study group
studied it over and over again and realized that the CCP had been
uprooted and also what we should do: We wrote many banners about the
uprooting of the CCP and sent Nine Commentaries and prophecy booklets
to every member of the municipal committee. As a result, the committee
expanded its discussion to the collapse of Soviet Union and the
corruption of the Chinese Communist Party instead of economic problems

Afterwards, within 24 hours, over three hundred people quit the party
and its affiliated organizations, 230 withdrew from the league and the
group and 115 from the party, which included 41 deceased members. Yes,
the big mansion of the Chinese Communist Party was about to collapse.
All practitioners in our group knelt down in front of Master's portrait
and we understood one thing: Master, you are one who is doing it! We
are only cultivating!

The Safety of Practitioners in China

I also want to tell all of you here that the events in DC on July 20,
the rally and parade about the disintegration of the CCP and ending the
persecution of Falun Gong, have sent shock waves to China. A friend of
mine called me and said, "Direct order from higher up indicates that
something serious is happening and a huge Falun Gong parade is taking
place in Washington DC."

We can see clearly how the quitting-the-party parade has shocked the
evil party! During the day of the parade, two people from China called
and said, "We heard the broadcast of the parade. Please help us quit
the party. We cannot wait any longer." I named them Chunhui (meaning
spring splendor) and Chunguang(spring light) and helped them to quit
the party.

Now, practitioners outside of China, the more often you make phone
calls to China, fax to China, and  have huge parades, the safer it
is for the practitioners in China and more party members will quit the

I want to mention one more thing. When Jiang Zemin's case was brought
to court in Chicago, the Communist Party members were so shocked that
they said, "Even the big wig is being sued, so we little potatoes will
soon meet the same fate."  We know that practitioners inside and
outside of China are one body. Your effort and support are wonderful.
The more you do, the safer it is for the practitioners in China. 
Recently, many phones calls were made to the forced labor camps. As a
result, many practitioners were able to break away.  Besides, many
guards in the forced labor camps quit the party. Furthermore, some even
refused to persecute Dafa practitioners and quit their jobs!

So far, more than 20,000 people have withdrawn from the party with my
help. There are many quit-the party volunteers just like me. While the
power of Dafa has manifested in countless miraculous stories, what I
have mentioned is only a tip of the iceberg. Even though I am in
America now, I have not given up my job as a quit-the-party volunteer.
I want to fulfill my responsibility to show my appreciation for the
support that practitioners outside of China have given me.  I hope
that we all work together, form a whole body, follow Master's request,
and save more sentient beings.

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