Gods See All: A Steel Anchor with Eyes

PureInsight | August 8, 2007

[PureInsight.org] On February
9, 2007, a pleasure boat was cruising on the sea near Vietnam.
Suddenly, the cell phone carried by Yang Yongde, a member of the board
of directors of the Henan Daily Newspaper Group, rang while he was on
the boat. He went on the deck to talk since it was too noisy in his

The weather was fairly good then. The wind was gentle and sea was calm.
But in the blink of an eye, clouds and mists enveloped the surrounding
surface of the sea and the visibility became extremely low. The boat
continued to sail and Yang continued his conversation. At that moment,
there was a loud sound: The boat had collided with a coal carrier. The
boat was jolted and Yang was tossed into the ocean. Yang struggled hard
in the freezing sea. The boat stopped and cast its anchor. The anchor
hit Yang's head and ended his life. He was 64.

People probably consider this incident to be a chance occurrence. But,
since ancient times, Chinese people believe that everyone has his or
her own fate and that fate is closely linked with the morality and
conduct of each person.  

Yang Yongde had actively followed the Chinese Communist Party in doing
evil things. His newspapers published a large number of articles
slandering Falun Dafa. They spread lies to poison the masses.

Yang also encouraged his subordinates to cooperate with the "610
Office" and public security to ruthlessly persecute Dafa practitioner
He Sanpu. They revoked his position as deputy director and sent him to
a forced labor camp to persecute him. Even after he completed his
forced labor, they detained him in the Wanqing Shanzhuang Brainwashing
unit for five more months. He Sanpu was detained three separate times
in brainwashing classes over time.

Both overseas and local Dafa practitioners had called Yang during that
time to stop doing evil things. But he was obstinately foolish and not
willing to accept their advice and thus was headed for a hapless fate.

Our forefathers said: "There are spiritual beings three feet above
one's head!" Weren't the heavy clouds and the heavy anchor acting as
agents of "the gods who see all" to punish an evil person?

I hope that what happened to Yang Yongde will be an alarm bell to urge
people to return to their consciences and hold to morality so they can
have a bright future.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/8/4/45124.html

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