Miracles Come from Faith

Guang Ming

PureInsight | August 8, 2007

[PureInsight.org] There have
been many miracles in this world. Miracles only manifest to people who
believe in God. Firm belief in the spiritual realm, justice, and truth
can bring forth such occurrences.  Even though one can find
unimaginable events in every day living, we see most of the miracles in
life and death situations coming from a firm belief. When people
persist in believing, the bright flowers and another village will be
ahead after passing the shady willow trees.

There was a huge earthquake in Los Angeles in 1989. Within four
minutes, 300 000 people were hurt. Amidst the chaos and rubble, after
taking care of his injured wife, a young man rushed to the school to
find his 14-year-old son. When he got the school, the three story
building had become a pile of rubble. As a result, he shouted loudly,
"Armando, my son, where are you?" He heard nothing from the rubble. So,
he started to dig.  


Meanwhile, the fire captain came over to prevent him from digging, "Too
dangerous, it may explode anytime. Please leave." The policeman came
and said, "You are not doing any good here and you may even be causing
danger to others. You better go home."

Many parents who tried to help also shook their heads and left. But
this young father had only one thought in his heart: "My son is waiting
for me to rescue him." He dug and dug for 12 hours and forgot
everything else.  Well, no one came to ask him to leave, but he
did not find any sign of life either.  His face was covered with
dust, his eyes were bloodshot, his clothes were ragged, and blood was
everywhere.  After 38 hours of digging, suddenly he heard his
son's voice: "Daddy, is that you?"

Immediately, his strength increased tremendously and he answered excitedly: "Yes, Armando, my son, it's me, your Daddy!"

"I told my classmates not to be afraid. As long as my Daddy is alive,
he will come to rescue me and all of you. Because you told me once that
no matter what happens, you will always be with me!"

"How are you doing now? How many of you are alive?"

"There are 14 of us. We are all alive. We are all around the corner of
a room. When the roof collapsed it formed a triangle, we have not been

The young father shouted, "There are 14 children alive, please come and
help!" The passersby all rushed to help and, in less than an hour, a
small passage was available.

The young father said in a trembling voice, "Armando, please come out."

"No, Daddy, let the others go first.  I know that you and I will be together."

What marvelous father and son they are! They were hugging each other
for a long time after such a difficult time. From this story, we can
see that if the father had not put in 38 hours of digging and Armando
had not had firm belief in his father, the 14 children would not have
had the opportunity to walk out alive. Survivors of big disasters are
people who have strong faith. I thought about the Communist Party that
has used half of the national wealth and thousands of armed police to
persecute peaceful Falun Gong practitioners. However, the steadfast
Dafa practitioners have firm belief in Dafa and have fought against
this brutality and continued to clarify the truth for eight years. As a
result, a miracle has happened: Dafa has spread to more than eighty
countries and the day of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is not
too far off.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/8/4/45117.html

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