Resolving Karmic Debts with Master's Help

By Lian Ma, a Practitioner in Mainland China

PureInsight | September 6, 2007

( A while ago,
I suddenly felt some throat pain one day. After searching within myself
for attachments that had surfaced during the past few days, I sent
forth righteous thought. That evening, I went to the practice site to
share my situation with other practitioners. They all helped me to
search inward and sent righteous thoughts as well.

However, when I got up the next morning the throat pain had escalated.
It was unbearable for me to even swallow my own saliva. I opened my
mouth and saw it was whitish all over, including the gum, tongue, and
the insides of my cheeks. I was shocked. What is this? An ordinary
friend who had the same symptoms before told me:  "When the
disease gets worse, it will eventually block your throat and become

On hearing this, a bad thought flashed across my mind, but I
immediately returned to soberness and eliminated it. "Illness." What is
illness? That is something an ordinary person gets. Who am I? I'm a
Fa-rectification period disciple, a righteous god to assist Master with
Fa rectification! Will a god acquire an ordinary person's
illness?  No, that's impossible. At that instant, the thought of
"Illness" was gone. I calmed down and started to search inside myself.
What kind of attachment had developed? Was I following the Fa's
principle when I do things? I started to send forth righteous thoughts.
I only ate several mouthful of rice gruel for the whole day and went to
the practice site in the evening. Fellow practitioners were a bit
worried. They again helped me search for my attachments and send
righteous thoughts.

At home I followed a practitioner's suggestion to specifically target
at and eliminate all evil factors that were persecuting my body. I
studied the Fa the entire evening and sent righteous thoughts on the
hour. I did not sleep at all because when I lay down I'd have to
swallow my saliva and doing that would cause excruciating pain in my
ears and head. I was home alone then and knew clearly in my heart that,
without an ordinary person's interference, it was all up to me to pass
this tribulation. My mind was determined, solid as the diamond. I told
myself, "There is Master and the Fa. I do not fear anything!" I brushed
aside the painful feelings and kept on studying the Fa, doing the
exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts.

On the third day, the situation appeared worse. I could not eat or talk
at all, but I continued to do things as usual, do house chores, study
the Fa, practice the exercises, send righteous thoughts and I even went
to the practice site at night. I took a pen with me to communicate with
other practitioners in writing. My heart was calm and mind sober. I
strengthened my determination to follow Master's arrangements.
Practitioners helped send forth righteous thoughts for me for a long

I burned incense for Master when I got home and knelt before his
picture. "Master, please take charge of me!" I called out to Master
three times, "Master, what should I do?" At that moment, I immediately
recognized this thought of mine was not "pure." Wasn't I looking
outward by doing this? I thought to myself, "How could you live up to
the honor of being a true Dafa disciple?" My heart stopped wavering. I
calmed down and crossed my legs to do the fifth exercise. The incense
burned out. I finished the exercise and felt the situation had improved
a little.

I wanted to take a rest, but as soon as I lay down, my body became
immobilized, but my mind remained sober. Then Master's fashen appeared.
He took a gentle look at me and said, "You are a Dafa disciple, my
disciple. You are not an ordinary person. Why do you fear this bit of
pain?" He asked me to swallow. When Master's fashen said "swallow," I
did as he said. "Swallow. Swallow. Swallow." He kept saying it and I
swallowed one time after another. Master smiled at me and then
disappeared. "Master! Master!," I called out. Master was indeed there,
staying by my side. I saw him! I sat up immediately. I was sweaty all
over, my ears were ringing hard and my head was painful. I ignored all
of that, got up, brushed my hair, washed my face and again knelt before
Master's photo. Tears ran down my face without stopping. "Oh, Master,
there is no language in the human world that could express my gratitude
toward you."

On the forth day, when I got up in the morning I was still unable to
make a sound with my throat, but my mind was more determined, because I
saw Master right beside me. I strengthened my thoughts and tried to do
everything as usual, the house chores, Fa study, exercise and righteous
thoughts. The throat is only a small part of my body. I can not allow
it to interfere with my entire body and mind. I recited the Fa in my
heart whenever I could. I would let only the Fa occupy my heart and
soul. "Pain" and "discomfort" have no position in the face of Master
and the Fa. I did not eat for two days, but felt no hunger either. My
will became stronger. When I recited the Fa, I was happy and tireless.
I was immersed in the light of Buddha, my xinxing elevated amidst the
Fa. I went to the practice site that evening. Practitioners again sent
forth righteous thoughts for me. One practitioner said, "Your situation
still remains the same. It must've been that when sending forth
righteous thought, you did not target the evil that was persecuting you
directly." Another practitioner said, "I read an article on Minghui and
the practitioner said that if the interference could not be eliminated
by righteous thoughts, we could resolve it in a compassionate way."

After finishing the exercises, I went home, burned incense for Master
and said to myself, "For the beings that block my throat, if I indeed
owe you debts from my previous lives, please stay away if you have the
ability. Do not interfere with my helping Master rectify the Fa and
save sentient beings. You may wait in another dimension for now. When I
reach consummation, I will resolve the debts with you in a better way."

After that, I started meditating. After the incense burned out and my
exercise finished, I laid down. All of a sudden, my body could not move
again, but mind was sober. Master reappeared. He smiled and asked me,
"When you had a toothache and your gum was swollen before you were able
to realize there was a low level being attached to that spot in another
dimension. How come this time you did not think the same way with your
throat?" He then used his right index finger to move across my throat.
An opening appeared under the movement but it did not bleed. He grabbed
something in his hand and said, "This is that low level being." Then he
touched the wound with the index finger again. It healed immediately.

I observed all this and thought, "How come I do not feel any pain?" I
knew in my heart that Master had taken away the low level being from
another dimension. Master disappeared, but I kept on watching.

An elderly man appeared. There was a broom and trash bin in his hands.
He was sweeping something into the bin. They were live shrimp, scallop
and eels. What had this to do with me? I thought. Then a sea scene came
into my view. Three Japanese soldiers were eating something on the
seashore. Another soldier came out of the water. He caught a pile of
shrimp, scallops and eels and placed them on the shore. This soldier
then skinned a shrimp alive and ate it while it was still moving. Same
thing happened to the scallops. What were more disgusting were the
eels. They were just like snakes. I did not see clearly but the soldier
somehow peeled the skin off the eel and bit into it right away. My
heart was pounding as I watched.

A voice told me, "This soldier is you, several life times ago." He was
a soldier, a Japanese soldier! How could it be me in my past life? But
he indeed was. Because the sea creatures were eaten by me alive, they
had to stay in my body and could not reincarnate. They had been
following me around. life after life. and eventually blocked my throat
today. They were asking me to pay back my debts. How could I simply
label them as bad? How could I not be held accountable for what I did
in another lifetime? If I owe them I have to pay back. If not right
now, I have to resolve it in a compassionate way later. I sat up
immediately and played back the scenes I had just seen one by one. This
strengthened my faith in Dafa. The Fa can reveal all mysteries.

On the fifth day, when I got up from bed, my throat itched. I spat
something out. It was blood. Several mouthfuls of blood followed. I got
to my feet and went to feed the cows. After the food was ready I called
out for the cows and there was my voice! I was thrilled and tried to
call out "Falun Dafa Hao!" several times. I spat out more blood but
everything returned to normal. The throat was not painful anymore, nor
was the neck. What a miracle! How could one not be astonished by it? It
was Master who gave me everything. It was he who resolved my debts from
several lifetimes.

Master's benevolence is immense. I have nothing in return. As your
disciple, I will firmly follow your teaching to study the Fa well and
cultivate diligently. I will continue to assist Master with Fa
rectification, save sentient beings like a true Fa-rectification period
Dafa disciple, and return to my origin together with Master.

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