My Husband Eventually Believed

Qiu Zhen

PureInsight | September 9, 2007


My husband eventually believed in Dafa

Because my husband has been poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party's
atheism for a long time, he never believed in gods or Buddha. In July
2007, he was diagnosed to have a kidney problem during the physical
exam in his work place. The occult blood level was 2+ and there were
cyst-like things in his kidney as identified by ultrasound and CT.
After treatment in the hospital, he still had 2+ occult blood. He was
quite worried and the doctor wanted him to stay in hospital for further
treatment. I am a Falun Gong practitioner for many years. I always
worried when I saw his misunderstanding of Dafa. So I suggested to him
that we watch the Fa lecture videos together for a week. I said: "If
there is no effect, you then go to the hospital for further treatment."
Maybe he was very anxious to cure his illness. He listened to my plan
even though he is a stubborn person.

When we watched the fifth lecture, he suddenly saw a one-foot-tall
Maitreya appear next to Master's head for a few seconds. He felt so
supernatural and wonderful! Then he started to believe in divine
beings. The next day his doctor asked him to take the blood test. The
result came back as there being no occult blood at all. The doctor
thought that was very strange and requested him to have ultrasound and
CT exams again. Everything looked normal. Since then he changed his
view of the world and began to read Dafa books and truth material. He
sympathizes and understands what Dafa disciples are doing. He actually
studies and practices Falun Gong with me now!

My brain tumor disappeared

I am a Dafa disciple. My physical condition has been poor since I was
young. I had many illnesses and they could not cured no matter what we
tried. Ever since I have cultivated Falun Dafa, all my illnesses are
gone. I won't discuss all those things here. I'll just talk about a
recent example. At the beginning of March 2007, I started to have runny
nose. One of my nostrils kept running whereas the other one was normal.
I had sneezing attacks as well. After a few days, a black solid with a
very bad odor came out. After half a month of this situation, on the
last day I had another sneezing attack. Suddenly solid piece of matter
about the size of a quail egg came out. It was round with a white color
on the outside skin and a black thing inside with very nasty smell. I
felt my forehead immediately calming down a lot...   

This is only a small event. There are so many other miraculous examples
that I do not need to mention here. I simply want to remind all kind
people: Please wake up quickly! Do not accept the Chinese Communist
Party's evil propaganda any more!

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