Cultivate Diligently and Support One Body

PureInsight | March 13, 2015

[] I gained the Fa before July 20, 1999. After obtaining the Fa, I was only able to study Zhuan Falun and Essentials for Further Advancement one time before the brutal persecution started. Although I did not study the Fa much, I already understood that Falun Gong is the true Fa-rectification cultivation. I thought that no matter what, I would be determined to continue on this path of cultivation. Therefore, under the brutal persecution of the evil, I have been doing what I am supposed to do in my over ten years of cultivation. Here, I shall share with practitioners a few experiences.

1. Putting up Banners

In 2001, I took on the responsibility of picking up and delivering materials in the local area. I often delivered materials, put up banners, pasted truth-clarification signs, etc. that helped to validate Dafa.

One night I went to a town with three other practitioners to put up banners. When we were about half done, we saw a few people with flashlights walking along the place where we put up the banners. We were probably seen by policemen on duty. At an intersection, a man pointed the flashlight at the banners and said, “Here…There are more.” They were less than three hundred meters away from me at this time.

After I found out, I walked fast to catch up with fellow practitioners and said, “Hurry up and put things away. A few people behind found us. Don’t be nervous. Follow me.”

At an intersection, we turned and walked toward the front door of a household. There were a few trees there. There trees weren’t big and were just the height of one person. I said, “Don’t move, everyone. Let’s stay here and send forth righteous thoughts. Let the evil be unable to find us.”

Those policemen were chasing after us. When they reached the intersection, they did not know where we went. (Actually, we were right under their eyes.) So they stopped at the intersection and looked around to observe. We kept sending forth righteous thoughts to them. After a few hours, they saw that it was very dark and quiet and we seemed to have disappeared. They gave up and left. Afterwards, fellow practitioners and I quickly went around the street and went straight through a shortcut to finish putting up the rest of the banners. At this time, a taxi came in our direction. Under Master’s protection, we got back safely.

2. Making Truth-Clarification Materials

In 2009, because a few practitioners who made materials were abducted, other fellow practitioners could not see Minghui articles either. Based on this situation, I thought: Minghui website is a platform for all Dafa disciples to share their experiences. Many good experiences are worth learning from and being used as reference. Especially for fellow practitioners who cannot go on the Internet, reading Minghui weekly editions is an essential part in cultivation. Now we cannot even see the articles. How are we able to catch up with the progress of Master’s Fa-rectification? Therefore I decided to assume the responsibility of making materials.

I shared my thought with a fellow practitioner from another city and asked her to help purchase equipment. After a few days, the fellow practitioner prepared and brought the full set of equipment and invited a fellow practitioner to teach me on how to use it. Soon after, I learned to make the weekly editions, pamphlets, and truth-clarification DVDs.

My working time is very long. Every day, besides ensuring the time to study the Fa and do the exercises, I have only little time left to make materials. I would eat simple meals to save time. I would recite the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts on the way to and from work. Even though I was busy, I did not feel tired and felt energized instead.

While making the materials, the computer mouse didn’t work very well and I often encountered problems because I have never used a computer before. Fellow practitioner helped me to find people to fix the computer. I would observe carefully when they were fixing it. So whenever there were small problems again, I would be able to solve them on my own. My technical skills improved very fast. It was Master who gave me the wisdom. As long as we had the heart, it feels like we are able to do whatever we want.

Later, I encouraged other practitioners to make truth-clarification materials and taught them all the formatting, printing, and other skills that I figured out. Very soon after, they grasped the basic skills for making materials and were able to work independently. Now there are material making spots everywhere in my area. Fellow practitioners are all doing what they are supposed to do and making steady steps forward on the path of assisting Master rectify the Fa.

3. Taking the Initiative of Coordinating and Supporting One Body

After the DVDs for Shen Yun 2013 came out, the fellow practitioners in my area formed a few truth-clarification teams. Each team of six persons took the bus to the countryside and villages twice a week to give out Shen Yun DVDs face to face. Because of this, the demand for Shen Yun DVDs became greater. At that time, there were many issues. The DVDs could not be burnt and the DVDs, covers of DVDs, and DVD cases had to be adjusted. With shortage of money, there were many difficulties. At that time, the coordinator also moved to another place. During this situation, I gathered some fellow practitioners to discuss. I told them the problems we were facing at the time and asked them to discuss according to their own situations and see what responsibilities they were able to take on. Fellow practitioners all had the same goal and expressed that they would do their best to cooperate with the group well.

Later on, after the fellow practitioner from another city heard about our situation here, she sent five thousand DVDs to us. The selfless help of fellow practitioner also encouraged us a lot. Local practitioners also supported us with about ten thousand yuan. We used the money to buy DVD covers and cases. Everything was arranged together. Technology wise, fellow practitioners also learned from each other and used their own abilities to quietly support the team.

For example, a few practitioners (with technical know-how) gathered to discuss something one day. Without planning beforehand, we also arrived at the meeting place at about the same time. We all know that it is all arranged by Master. A problem that originally seemed to be very complicated was solved easily.

4. Look Within and Cultivate Xinxing

In the beginning of 2008, a fellow practitioner who was working in another town came back and lived at my place. Her cultivation state was not good. She would fall asleep while studying the Fa; her hand would fall while sending forth righteous thoughts; and she would fall asleep and her head would fall toward the floor during meditation. I was very worried about her. I said to her, “You’re here now. Just study the Fa a lot and send forth righteous thoughts to change your state.” I also gave her the part of Fa about resolving with compassion so she could study and memorize it.

After a few days, two fellow practitioners from another town came to my place. We studied the Fa, did the exercises, and sent righteous thoughts together. They also said after seeing fellow practitioner’s cultivation state, “Memorize the part of Master’s Fa on resolving with compassion.” Fellow practitioner said to me, “Copy that part of Fa for me.” I said, “Didn’t I give it to you?” She became very angry and yelled, “When did you give it to me? You think I’m a fool!” I said, “Oh! You forgot? Look for it again. I definitely gave it to you.”

I complained a little bit about her in my mind. She had a bad memory but still blamed others. After seeing how sure I was, she became angrier and kept yelling. A fellow practitioner was trying to calm her down but she wouldn’t listen. As a result, the two fellow practitioners left.

On the way back from sending the two fellow practitioners off, I was reflecting on myself. I let fellow practitioner stay at my place in order to help her improve her cultivation state. Why would I argue with her for who is right and who is wrong? What was my attachment that made fellow practitioner so angry? I looked within and found that I still had attachment to competition, attachment to a good image, and the attachment of looking down at fellow practitioner.

Then I said to fellow practitioner in my mind, “I’m sorry. It is my fault. You left the group to go out of town to work for your daughter. That’s why you’re in this cultivation state. I should understand you. I won’t make you angry again.” I walked while having those thoughts and reached home without paying attention. Once I entered the door, fellow practitioner said with guilt, “Sorry! I was wrong! I have found the part of Master’s lecture that you gave me.” Then I said, “Oh! That’s good that you found it.” I walked toward the kitchen while saying that.

Since then, I felt that I have made a big step forward in my cultivation. My mind did not have any distraction when I sat down to study the Fa and did the exercises. I could be calm while exercising. I could even clearly feel when Master was cleaning my body for me. My body was light; my mind was very clear; and my main consciousness was very strong. I would not be distracted when sending forth righteous thoughts. My thoughts were strong and concentrated that I felt I was an enlightened being standing between heaven and earth whose righteous thoughts were very powerful. Looking within is so wonderful!

On my path of Fa-rectification cultivation, there were many stories on righteous thoughts and righteous actions. There are also many shortcomings. I will study the Fa more in the future and diligent like at the beginning of my cultivation. I will be courageous, fulfill my vow, reach the consummation, and go home with Master!

Thank you benevolent and magnanimous Master!

Thank you fellow practitioners for your selfless help!

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