On Ghosts

PureInsight | March 13, 2015

[PureInsight.org] I have a friend whose celestial eye is open. Once this friend asked me, “Do you think that an alcoholic person really likes to drink?” As a matter of fact, there is one ghost accompanying this alcoholic. The ghost’s previous human life ended due to heavy drinking, it couldn’t get re-incarnated, yet it was addicted to alcohol, that’s why the ghost decided to attach itself to someone with a weak will power. The ghost urges the person to get drunk every day while it sips in the smell of the liquor itself.

A gambler doesn’t really want to gamble and a ghost is controlling the person. A man who is addicted to pornography clearly knows that it’s not a good thing to indulge oneself in such a thing, yet, he simply can’t control himself, a ghost is controlling him; if a person has a strong will power, no ghost dares to get close to such a person. The ghost knows that it won’t easily control the person, the ghost wants to drink, yet a determined person won’t do that; after a few days, such a ghost will feel very uncomfortable and will just leave the person for good. All the human sins are controlled by ghosts.

I am a practitioner of acupuncture. Another friend of mine whose celestial eye is also open once said to me, “Look, your needle is very powerful. The other day when you inserted that needle to that patient of yours, I saw two people coming off from that patient. One of them seemed like a mother, the other daughter. I am pretty sure your patient owed these two people. I also noticed that those two people jumped onto your body.” This friend of mine asked me to stop practicing acupuncture as I would accumulate karma on my body released from my patients.

A few years later, I ran into this same friend again. My friend seemed very surprised to see me and said, “Wow, you’ve really changed so much. What did you do?” I asked, “What’s the matter?” My friend then told me that my karma was so thick, even my head was wrapped inside that karma when he talked to me last time and my face was so dark then. He was really worried about me, “Now, you look like a new person, your body is shining.” My friend then asked me how I could have made such a dramatic change. I replied: “Of course, I am now practicing Falun Dafa. My spirit is strong and full, no ghost dares to approach me and my cultivation has helped clearing off that karma.”

There is a Chinese saying , “If one’s spirit is righteous, no evil can interfere.” I have been telling my patients that the best way to be healthy is to practice cultivation.

I have studied the medicine book called “Medicine Collections by Xu Lingtai” for many years. Xu Lingtai was one of the famous medicine practitioners in Qing Dynasty. I admire Xu very much. Mr. Xu wrote in his book: “Ghosts are like cold and wet elements that affect human health. With weak Qi, one will get cold; with weak Qi, one will also get hot; with weak spirit, one will get interference from ghosts. Man is supposed to be strong with Qi and when a man becomes weak, ghosts will start to attack him. There are five kinds of internal diseases, and there are five kinds of ghosts accompanying each of those diseases. When one is short on sunny Qi, ghosts will arrive. There are so-called ghost points on a human body; those points should be filled with high spirits, once those points lack high spirits, ghosts will come to reside in there, this is like a cold breeze getting into a human body, rendering the person sick.”

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/138652



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