The Divine Power of Buddha Law -- Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | July 8, 2002

Falun Gong practitioners are cultivating Buddhahood. Once they decide to cultivate and hope to return to their original, true selves, their Teacher will unconditionally cleanse their bodies and elevate them to their true cultivation level. Then, true practitioners will naturally have healthy bodies, enjoy subsequent happiness in the mental state of being assimilated into 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,' and possess divine powers. But there are a few people manipulated by the evil who cannot stand practitioners, and use extensive means to exterminate them. How do these unarmed people who practice truth and compassion, never retaliate when assaulted, nor talk back when verbally abused, curb the crimes against them? All they have are their infinitely merciful hearts. When compassionate appeals cannot reach those evil-manipulated people or make them repent, the practitioners can make use of their divine powers of Buddha Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind those manipulated beings so that they do not accumulate too much karma. Please peruse the examples below to understand the effects of sending forth righteous thoughts.

Example one:
Once, as I was hanging up a banner, the head of the village summoned some policemen to illegally arrest and take me away. On the way to the police station, four or five policemen continuously assaulted and abused me. I felt that as a Dafa practitioner I should not be subjected to this punishment. I resolved to reject the arrangement of the old forces. I immediately assumed the vertical palm gesture and recited Master's Fa-rectification verses. The policemen instantly ceased their violent actions. Who would have imagined that as soon as I stopped, they commenced assaulting and abusing me again? Thereupon I continued to send forth righteous thoughts until we arrived at the police station where I was handcuffed and beaten. As I firmly believed in Master and Dafa, I was determined not to cooperate with them. As a result, I returned home with dignity.

After returning home, I again pulled myself into the mighty torrent of Fa-rectification. The evil ones were hoping in vain to find additional evidence to persecute me. One day, five or six policemen from the local station came and ransacked my home. They found a locked student's study table and demanded the key for it. Initially, I had some trepidation, as it contained Dafa books and materials. I said, 'This is my son's study table. He is at work, and I do not have the key.' One policeman replied, 'If you do not open it, we will pry open the lock.' They were just a gang of bandits. I calmed down immediately and sat in the double lotus and commenced to send forth righteous thoughts. When the police saw what I was doing, they began to panic. They quickly ordered my husband to pull me up saying: 'Why is she doing that? Why is she doing that?' Finally, they grumbled and left unwillingly.

Example two:
A Dafa practitioner was abducted by the local police. He refused to cooperate with the police, or to accept any orders. He completely denied the arrangements of the evil old forces, and believed in Master and Dafa. Under intense interrogation by the police, he remained silent. Yet he faced the evil with a benevolent heart, and was unperturbed by the confrontation. He was confident he would finally walk out of there. With sending forth righteous thoughts he loosened the rope that tied him to the chair, and put the six policemen to sleep (five in deep sleep and one in a drowsy state). This practitioner walked free with his righteous thoughts.

If Dafa practitioners did not use righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind these people, then these evil-manipulated people would have committed crimes and accumulated so much karma as to be banished to the gate of no-life. It was because Dafa practitioners were benevolent that they sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in other dimensions manipulating these people, thus giving them a future. It can therefore be seen that righteous thoughts are expressions of Buddha's mercy towards mankind.

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