A Story of Predestination

PureInsight | August 26, 2007

[PureInsight.org] It was a hot
summer morning in August. I was sitting in the corner of a coffee shop
waiting for someone.  A little later, someone with a nice smile,
rosy cheeks, and sparkling eyes walked towards me. She is a well-known
news editor and has about twenty years of experience working with
newspapers. Sitting across from her, I listened quietly to her story of
predestination. What is predestination? It turns out that when anything
is started, its outcome is already there waiting to surface.

Here is her story. Yu Qing has three children. The son is the middle
child and a first grader. One day her son came home from the swimming
pool and had the symptoms of a cold. He kept clearing his throat. She
thought that something was unusual and took him to see a doctor. After
seeing a pediatrician and an internist, her son also had a complete
physical checkup and an x-ray. However, none of those procedures could
reveal any cause. She became uncomfortable with his continuous throat
clearing but she could not do anything about it.

A month later, Yu Qing read an article about Tourette's syndrome and
understood that it is involuntary movements and words arising from a
neurological disorder. For example, the patient may repeatedly make
faces, shrug his shoulders, or blink his eyes. Many people are not
familiar with this behavior and teachers think that this kind of
student is just plain naughty. Yu Qing took her son to a Tourette's
syndrome clinic in a hospital which only receives patients once a
month. The physician explained to her that her son indeed seemed to
have the symptoms of Tourette's syndrome, but most children will
outgrow it and return to normal. Sometimes the symptoms become
permanent, but no effective medication is available. It takes a
tolerant heart to deal with it. Yu Qing was very frightened after
hearing that. She said, "For a whole year, I was very worried,
depressed, and wept for no good reason. What am I supposed to
do?   It was the first time that I realized that no matter
what one has, life will be meaningless without health!"

When people cannot deal with their problems, they will grab a helping
hand. Yu Qing started taking her son to a psychologist. She tried
herbs, alternative medicine, and even Fung Shui. She bought books about
neurology to read. She did everything that she could think of, read
everything she could find about the disease, but nothing helped. 
She was at her wit's end and realized that there were uncertain things
in life that defied man's will power

She recalled what her mother said while she was growing up.  Her
mother told her that she must acquire a skill to support herself and
she should not depend on a man financially. When she was in college,
she worked weekends in a TV station to pay her way through college.
After she graduated from college, she worked two jobs: She was a
teacher and an editor.  In all those years, she always traded her
time for money. Just like an electric tram moving non-stop, she has
never slowed down enough to analyze her thought processes.

Her son's sudden illness was like her emergency brake! For over a
year, how many nights did she toss and turn in bed?  In the long
journey of life, what had she missed?

Her colleague and college classmate suggested, "Do you want to take your son to practice qigong?"

She thought, "Sure, why not? This is my last resort."

One day, her husband who is also her colleague at school pointed at a
banner on a balcony close to the school and said, "Falun Dafa is good.
It is probably Falun Gong.  Do you want to take our son to
practice Falun Gong?"

Yu Qing looked at the banner and said, "Sure, I'll do that." Yu Qing
did not have any idea what Falun Gong was about even though she had an
idea what she should do. However, the mystery of life was unfolding just because of a single word "Sure".

Yu Qing said, "After that day, there was a round thing rotating in my
head, regardless of whether my eyes were open or closed. It was really
mysterious! I knew that this was not from the natural science I took in
school. Later I learned that it was a Falun."

That evening, when she was going to work at the newspaper, she passed a
hospital. She was reminded that, one day, she had thought about a close
classmate of hers who is a pharmacist and how she would like very much
to consult with him on her son's situation. However, she had lost
contact with him and had not seen him for 25 years. Where could she
find him? Where should she start to look?

"April1, April Fool's day, is my wedding anniversary. I just learned
how to type in Chinese on my computer. I sat in front of the computer
and tried to search for my friend. Where could he be?  This is
like looking for a needle in a hay stack. But I found his website! When
I entered it, the first thing that appeared was 'Falun Dafa is good.'"
She had tried everything to find him, but how would she know that it
was so easy! Not only had she found the qigong that she wanted to learn
but also the EpochTimes website and ClearWisdom.  Yu Qing seemed
to recall her curiosity at that time.

Later she got in touch with her friend, but she did not talk to him about her son.

She said, "I want to learn Falun Gong, but what should I do?"

He said directly, "Go and read Zhuan Falun first. Then we will talk, after that!"

"Practicing qigong needs reading first? Could you send me that book?"

After she was told that she could buy it at any store, she got on the
computer and found an electronic book. Therefore, she intended to read
the E-book first. There are nine lectures in the book. Yu Qing started
to read the first lecture, "When I read the third lecture, my whole
head was turning. I was so surprised. Things are so different from what
I have learned. This is a book from Heaven! The author is a God! In the
past, I thought that I was somebody.  Now, after reading the book,
I realize that I am a nobody and even forgot my original purpose for
reading the book."

Over the following days, Yu Qing got on the website and read Zhuan Falun
whenever she had a few minutes during her breaks at school or at the
newspaper site. Her colleagues asked her with curiosity how she could
read these pages filled with small Chinese characters. She told them,
"Hey, this is a book from Heaven." She realized that she had not spent
that much time studying before even when she had to take the entrance
examination for college. More amazing was that when she was immersed in
the profound principles and let go of the notion that she had to find a
cure for her son, those symptoms miraculously disappeared . Her son did
not behave strangely any more nor did he put the peculiar expressions
on his face.

On July 19, 2004, Yu Qing found out from Dajiyuan (EpochTimes) website
that there would be a candlelight vigil for Falun Gong practitioners in
a certain park the following night. She thought that if she went there,
someone would teach her how to do the exercises. Yu Qing went with her
husband and children to the park. Sure enough, she found an
enthusiastic couple to teach her the five sets of exercises. That
night, Dafa practitioners from all over Taiwan, sitting in a full lotus
position and holding a candle with two hands, commemorated
practitioners who died under the persecution. When Yu stood by the
photographic equipment to look for the best view, she found her
husband's cousin right next to her who works very close to her home.
She also found out that the cousin's entire family practice Falun Gong.
The whole family was standing right in front of her. It just dawned on
her that everything occurred for a reason. Ever since she was little,
she wanted to know the meaning of life. She thought that she could find
it in religion. She used to think that people just lived their lives.
If it had not been for her son's illness, she would not have learned
Falun Gong and walked on the path of cultivation. She understood that
it was a gift bestowed from Heaven and it was what she had been looking
for lifetime after lifetime!

After Yu Qing started practicing, she was like a tree feeling alive in
the spring sun, new growth sprouting inch by inch! She felt the changes
in her body and soul. Her husband also noticed the tremendous decrease
in medical bills and that Yu Qing no longer brought home her worry and
anxiety from work.

 Her husband recognized that all the changes started from the book Zhuan Falun.
Perhaps he wanted to understand how Yu Qing would be thinking and was
afraid that two of them would not be compatible emotionally later
without having something in common.  Perhaps he, too, wanted to
turn a new page in his life. Therefore, her husband respectfully turned
the first page of Zhuan Falun.

Now Yu Qing's family has practiced Falun Gong for four years. She said,
"The relationship between my husband and me was fine before. But now we
are more considerate of each other. If there is a conflict, we will
resolve it based on the principles of the Fa. Therefore, the
relationship between us is much more harmonious!" Her husband has also
brought what he has learned into the classroom. His students said, "Our
teacher is truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. He is the best
teacher in the entire school!"

After listening to Yu's story, I think that if there can be learning
and improvement in life, then what should be the choice for life in
this mundane world? Even though we have been apathetic, worried, and
frightened, when we have an opportunity to see from afar, we will
recognize the vastness and the compassion of the cosmos. In retrospect,
Yu Qing could not help but sigh that nothing was more mysterious and
profound than the arrangements of Heaven. She smiled and was deeply

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