My Experience of Coming Back To Life

PureInsight | August 26, 2007

[] I reside in
Dingzhou in Hebei Province.  I recovered from an illness called
hemiplegia after I started practicing Falun Dafa. But I stopped
practicing because I felt that cultivation was difficult. Soon after, I
suddenly suffered from the symptoms of cerebral embolism.  I was
unable to speak or move.  My eye muscles weakened and just moved
upwards.  I could not control my bowel movements. As a result, I
had to lie in bed.  According to those people who saw me during my
illness, I did not recognize anybody and was too weak to open my
eyes.  My face looked waxen.  I was so thin that my body was
reduced to skin and bone. I looked awful.  

My family members got a doctor from the village to treat me.  The
doctor couldn't find my blood vessels when he tried to inject
fluid.  He refused to treat me any more and advised my family to
arrange a funeral.  My family was financially poor, but managed to
prepare a shroud and buy a coffin for 500 yuan (translator's note:
about US$60.00).  The whole family was ready for my death.

Some Dafa practitioners heard about my situation and came to visit
me.  They encouraged me to continue practicing Falun Dafa and to
do the exercises. So I took their advice. Seven days after I started
practicing again, I was able to talk and move my body.  It was a

One day, the doctor who had treated me came across my husband in the
village.  He asked, "Has your wife passed the seventh day
(translator's note: according to Chinese custom, when a person passed
away, his soul will stay around his family until the seventh day when
the family holds a ceremony to send his soul off)?"  

My husband replied, "She's recovered."  

The doctor was surprised and asked, "How? And why so soon?"  

My husband smiled and said, "Because she practices Falun Gong."

A month later, I completely recovered and was able to resume my duties
around the house and at the farm.  I looked healthier and gained
some weight.  My story of coming back to life had spread to other
villages near and far. The villagers gasp in admiration over the
miracles that come from practicing Falun Dafa.    

I am a peasant and I do not have much of an education. I have a lot of
things that I wish to say, but I don't know how to express
myself.  Here I wish to tell all those good people the following
things:  It is Dafa that has given me a new life.  Don't
believe the CCP's lies.  Falun Dafa teaches people to be
good.  Remember the words "Falun Dafa is good" when you come
across any danger.  Quit the CCP and its organizations as soon as
possible.  You will avoid disasters and gain a new life.

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