A Miracle among the Ocean Waves

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | August 31, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Lu Dong, my
son's classmate, was a little Dafa practitioner before 1999. Recently,
he started practicing Falun Dafa again. He told me a story about the
Dafa amulet. I was quite astonished by it. I am writing this article in
the hope that more people in this world will learn something from it.

At the end of the summer last year, Lu Dong went with his mother and
her brother, who was visiting, to tour Yangtai.  One day they went
to the beach.  His uncle was floating on the ocean water and
enjoying himself. Without his uncle knowing it, the ocean waves carried
him out farther into the ocean. When his uncle discovered that he had
been pushed out into the ocean, he tried very hard to swim back.
Unfortunately he was pushed further and further out into the ocean.
When Lu Dong noticed that his uncle was in danger, he jumped into the
water and swam toward his uncle. However, the relentless waves quickly
carried Lu Dong into the deep ocean.

Lu Dong's grandparents, aunt, and mother all watched the two of them
being carried farther into the ocean. Slowly, they became two little
black dots bobbing among the waves. Everyone was crying and shouting:
the grandparents crying for their son and grandson and his mother
crying for her son.  The beach is not a tourist beach and there
were no lifeguards or other people. At that moment, only the
gray-haired old men and women were there. They did not know what else
to do but cry and said, "It is all over. They will never come back."

Lu Dong and his uncle struggled for more than 40 minutes in the ocean.
The relatives on the shore were holding their breath for the same
duration. How could this be any crueler? Imagine watching your child
walk into a deathtrap and you cannot do anything about it. However, a
miracle suddenly happened.

Lu's uncle was totally exhausted and felt that the Angel of Death was
next to him.  His body sank deeper and deeper down into the ocean.
Suddenly a notion emerged: there was something that he had to do before
he gave up his life. He knew that a Dafa amulet was hanging around his
neck and, if he died with that amulet hanging around his neck, what
kind of bad impression would that make? He had to take the amulet off
his neck and put it in the pocket, so no one could see it. And that was
his last wish!

This very notion from an ordinary person who understood the truth and
his righteous thought of wanting to protect Dafa rescued him from the
brink of death. He did not know how it happened. Soon he was floating
back to the shore. Right after that Lu Dong floated back too.

Everyone on the shore was startled and no one could believe his eyes.
When they heard what Lu Dong's uncle had to say, the entire family was
shocked by the power of a Dafa amulet.  Lu Dong was the only one
who practiced Dafa and the rest of the family was skeptical about it.
Lu's uncle was not thinking about how the amulet could protect him but
the other way around. After witnessing this life-and-death experience,
the whole family believed in Dafa. Lu's uncle was so grateful to Dafa
for saving his life that he started wearing the amulet around his neck
open and honestly. He walked everywhere with that amulet. If anyone
dared to question him about his amulet, he would defend it with his own
life. Therefore, people stayed away from him.

Tears filled my eyes when I heard the story. Lu Dong asked me again for a few more amulets to give to his relatives.

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