Master's Care (1) Gu Guang, A Dafa Disciple in China 2016-02-11
Opera Festival – Cultivating Xinxing Through the Process of Saving Sentient Beings Guang Du 2016-01-27
Cultivating Myself in the Face of Interference A Dafa Disciple 2016-01-27
Your Motive Must Be Righteous to Receive Master’s Help A Dafa Disciple in China 2016-01-27
Thoughts on Maori Chief’s Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin Shi Ming 2016-01-27
Treat Everything and Every Thought Carefully A Dafa Disciple in China 2016-01-13
Eliminate the Latent Selfish Thoughts A Dafa disciple in Mainland China 2016-01-13
104 Chinese Police CCP Withdrawals Signals CCP Inevitable Demise Mi Zhen 2016-01-13
How I Overcame Time Constraints Bai Feng 2016-01-13
Candlelight Vigil Marks 16 Years of Persecution A Dafa Disciple 2016-01-02
Cultivation: Do Not Compare with Your Past A Dafa Disciple in China 2016-01-02
Some Enlightenment on “Cultivate as if you have just begun” Jing Ru 2016-01-02
A College Student’s Letter Suing Jiang Zemin A Dafa Disciple 2016-01-02
Falun Dafa Sharing Conference Held in Los Angeles: Master Spoke at the Meeting A Falun Dafa Practitioner 2015-12-28
Sharing after the West Coast Fa Conference A Dafa Disciple in Australia 2015-12-27
Public Security Official: “Don’t Mess with Falun Gong’s Campaign to Sue Jiang Anymore” A Dafa Disciple in China 2015-12-27
Eliminate Selfishness by Looking inward to Catch up to the Fa-rectification’s Progress Ming Zhi, a Dafa Disciple in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province 2015-12-27
Wind and Frost Cannot Block the Path of Fa-validation Yong Jin, a Dafa Disciple in Shandong Province, China 2015-12-27
Am I Genuinely Cultivating in the Fa? A Dafa Disciple in New Zealand 2015-12-21
Master Helped Me Eliminate Attachments in the Process of Suing Jiang Zemin A Dafa Disciple in China 2015-12-21
Ankara, Turkey: Introducing Falun Dafa Was Held at the Biggest University in the Country A Dafa Disciple in Turkey 2015-12-21
Xi Jinping Sees “Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice” Banners Three Times in U.S. Capital A Dafa Disciple 2015-12-06
Campaign to Sue Jiang is a Manifestation of Master’s Immense Mercy A Dafa Disciple 2015-12-06
Experience Sharing Conference Held in Seattle A Dafa disciple 2015-12-06
The Experience of an Elderly Mother in her Eighties Assiduously Memorizing “Lun Yu” Hei Longjiang Dafa Disciple 2015-12-01
Opera Festival: Initiating Sentient Beings to Spread News by Word of Mouth and Participate in the Massive Tide of Reporting the Culprit Guang Du 2015-12-01
Opera Festival: Collecting Signatures Indicting the Chief Offenders Who Persecuted Falun Gong Guang Du 2015-12-01
Time Waits for No One A Dafa Disciple in China 2015-12-01
It Is Important to Clarify the Truth to Family Members A Dafa Disciple in China 2015-12-01
Diligent Cultivation Under a Heavy Hammer Zi Di 2015-12-01
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