Improving the Cultivation on Self-assuming Petty Things A Falun Dafa Practitioner 2015-07-22
April 25th, 1999 - An Everlasting Moment that Stands the Test of Time. A Dafa Disciple in Beijing 2015-07-22
Never Neglect One’s Own Cultivation Tong Zhen 2015-07-22
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Insight from a Practitioner Learning Sales: A Good Member Relies Only on Fa to Create an Indestructible Body Hua Wang 2015-06-08
Tire Burst on Highway – Master’s Protection Allowed me to be Safe A Dafa Disciple in North America 2015-06-08
Treat Cultivation Seriously; Keep a Clear Mind about Conflicts among Practitioners Zi Di 2015-06-08
The Changes I Experienced While Reciting the Fa Shu Lan, a Dafa Disciple in China 2015-05-19
Discarding Attachments in Order to Save Sentient Beings A Dafa Disciple in Canada 2015-05-19
Adhere to Master’s Requirements and Save More People A Falun Dafa Practitioner in China 2015-05-10
Use Dafa to Correct Oneself; Have a Positive Effect in any Situation A Dafa Disciple in North America 2015-05-10
One Must be Single Minded in all Aspects of Cultivation A Dafa Disciple in Mainland China 2015-05-10
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My Experience Sharing In Persistently Clarifying the Truth Face to Face to Precious Chinese People A Toronto Dafa Disciple 2015-05-10
Cultivate Diligently; Making the Most of Time to Save Sentient Beings A Dafa Disciple in China 2015-04-29
We Helped a Foreigner Learn Falun Dafa in China Xue Lian, a Dafa Disciple in Northeast China 2015-04-29
Sentient Beings Can Only Be Saved When Our Notions Are Changed A Dafa disciple in Jinan 2015-04-29
Cultivating to Seek Inwards Is So Good Jue Juan, a Dafa Disciple in Tangshan, China 2015-04-29
While Promoting Shen Yun, Let Go of Attachments and Collaborate as a Whole Body A Dafa Disciple in North America 2015-04-29
On Eating, Sleep and Desire A Dafa Disciple in China 2015-04-17
Giving up the Old and Welcoming the New: Rising Together A Russian Falun Gong Practitioner 2015-04-17
The Car Sunk into the Lake, I Escaped from Death A mainland Dafa disciple 2015-04-17
Some Lessons from My Mother A Dafa Disciple in China 2015-04-17
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